6 Health Tips To Help You Battle Acne Issue

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Acne is a vast issue that billions of people have faced at some point or are currently fighting against. It appears when the skin is affected by excess oils, environmental threats like toxins, dirt and so on. If not addressed properly, acne can grow in size and full-scale pimple colonies can start inhabiting your face. Fighting it is a tricky task as well but we have prepared 6 simple tips to help you figure you your own defensive pattern against this skin problem.

Water Helps A Lot

Water is a crucial compound found in our body and its reserves need to be refilled regularly and generously. It has a particularly beneficial effect on your body and health overall but also helps to battle toxins and oils that often clog the pores, resulting in acne. Water is also crucial when trying to make the skin moister, thus soft, by helping the cells to get the liquid they need.

Opt Out On Astringents

Astringents are capable of shrinking the pores and that is exactly contrary to what you need when trying to get rid of acne. Astringent soaps, alcohol, oatmeal, and a bunch of others make your pores shrink when consumed or rubbed into the skin and this may begin the chain reaction that will result in your face become a lovely home for a lot of acne.

Try To Avoid Stimulants

Cigarettes, tea, sugary fizzy drinks – these have to be avoided if you are trying to get your skin as healthy as possible. Stimulants put extra stress on the body, thus causing sebaceous glands to produce more oil, which – you guessed it – clogs the pores and causes acne.

Sort Your Diet

You are what you eat and anything in your body, including acne, can be influenced by the food you consume. Be aware of what you eat and try to include as many beneficial products as possible and avoid eating harmful stuff if you can.

Be Afraid Of Alcohol

While millions consider alcohol to be their best friend during nights out and as a method of relieving stress, it is a very destructive thing in our case. Alcohol, both rubbed and consumed into the body, is capable of shrinking the pores and that, as we have mentioned earlier, contributes to worsening the acne situation.

Don’t Go Over The Line With Water Temperature

When fighting against acne, both too cold and too hot water can have a negative effect on your skin. Note that it affects only if you apply the water directly to the problematic skin areas. A hot bath won’t do an awful lot if the water won’t touch your damaged skin, but you better try to balance the temperature and go for warm water all of the time.


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